Paying for Law Firm Specialization Avoids Getting Ripped Off

A new website seeks to use social media tools to help clients find specialist lawyers and specialist lawyers find clients in need os specialization: here  I don’t know if it will work, but I applaud the effort.  Perhaps social media tools can get the word out for highly specialized areas of practice.  The truth is that clients often overpay for law firms to learn a specialized area of practice.  Some legal work is very specialized.  It is complex enough that a practitioner must study that area and build a client base to the exclusion of other areas of practice.  Sophisticated clients often fail to realize that picking a lawyer that does not have specialization (often because of lower hourly fees) is often much more expensive and very risky.  At best, the lawyer is going to be learning the specialization while potentially charging you for the education.  At worst, they will give you bad advice.

Many legal services are not only not specialized, they are commodity practices.  If you need a trademark filed or you need a simple private company formed, chances are you can and should find a small boutique law firm or a junior lawyer with low rates to do that work.  If you are embarking on a complex transaction, operating in a high-tech business or breaking ground in a new industry, find the specialization and pay the rates.  It will ultimately save you money…and you will get the right advice.

Social media tools can help you discover specialization.  Social media platforms are making opaque industries more transparent.  In today’s world, there is no excuse for not finding the right person for the right job.  Maybe something like can bring that transparency to the provision of legal services.